The Power of Cultivating Relationships

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It took me one month to create a profitable, thriving firm.

It took me one month to sign on clients that trusted me and my firm and were willing to give me a chance even as a brand new company.

What was my magic? How did I do it? How did I become successful so quickly? It’s simple - my business’ success in one month was from years and years of cultivating relationships.

Cultivating relationships is one of the most important aspects of your success.

For you and your business to grow, you have to learn to build strong relationships. Even if you are shy, even if you are an introvert, we all have to learn to build relationships and make connections to navigate through life.

We begin building relationships from when we are born. It starts with our families, then moves on to friendships, then to professional relationships. Connecting with others is an integral part of our lives.

Connecting with others comes more easily to some people than others. You may be someone who cringes when you hear the word “network.” You may be someone who gets anxious in large groups and doesn’t know where to begin when finding common ground with someone.

But the bottom line is that learning how to cultivate relationships is essential to your success.

So how can you become more effective at cultivating relationships?

Look at relationship building as a strategy. I was so successful so quickly, because I have always been intentional through volunteer work, through networking, through memberships in seeking out people and making genuine connections. I put myself around people who would help me grow and who would benefit me in the success of my future.

One way in which you can create strategic, helpful relationships is by joining organizations. One example is the Chamber of Commerce. Although maybe people disagree, I know they are still vital and effective when utilized correctly in helping grow your business.

Chambers of Commerce provides you with a network of people that you can build relationships with that will help you be more effective and will open up doors for you that you would not have access to without those individuals.

Joining a Chamber and waiting for business to come through the door is not how it works. You have to invest yourself into others. You have to invest in the people you want to work with. It is your responsibility to take advantage of the network the memberships give you.

Become a part of an organization, seek people out, reach out to them, and then follow up. Cultivating relationships take time.

But this investment is going to serve you well in the long run. Your business is dependent on those who you serve. The success of your business will be directly affected by the relationships or the lack of relationships that you have invested in.

If your business is not built on relationships, then your business is not built on trust. That will make it easier for competitors to go after your clients, because you have not invested in them. You have not given them a reason to be loyal to you. There are no roots to keep people with you without relationships.

The people that you serve should be a top priority for you and they should know it. That means that you have taken the time to know them. To make genuine connections with them. You should know their birthdays, their spouses, their children’s names. They should now that you have their best interest in mind. That you are invested in serving them to the best of your ability always. This level of investment with your clients and with the people that you interact with daily should be an integral part of your personal brand.

Once you implement a relationship building strategy to your business, you will build a base of support around you of people who know your brand, trust your brand, and believe in your brand.

- David L. Joyner and the Joyner Media & Strategies Team

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