Creating a Culture of Service

Why is creating a culture of service important for your business or organization?

Everyone benefits from service. Everyone benefits from stepping outside of themselves and giving to someone else.

If a culture of service is a part of your core values as an organization and you communicate it and celebrate it, that will speak volumes to those you work with and to your clients. It communicates the kind of brand that your employees work for and about the why behind what you do.

Do you have a culture of service and have you communicated it to your team?

Once you start communicating your vision of service as a core value of your brand, you will start to engage those who work with you and pull out their passions.

By communicating your vision of service, it will begin to create a culture where people are open to share their passions and collaborate with one another to make an impact.

Creating a culture of service empowers the people that you work with. It gives them a sense of meaning and a sense of ownership within your organization.

Showing that your brand values way more than just handing out paychecks and expecting a good job out of your people will create a positive, encouraging environment where people will strive for excellence in all that they do.

A service culture also creates a team environment. It encourages a perspective where people will look at their job as more than just going to work and doing the same mundane thing every day. By creating a vision that your brand is all about serving and helping others, everyone’s role becomes more valuable and impactful.

I can tell you firsthand that being a part of an organization that did a great job of serving the community and engaging employees to take ownership in being impactful created an empowering and positive work environment.

And then on the flip side, working for managers who did not understand the value of creating a culture of service and how it negatively affected the culture of their team. And also, did not understand the impact that it would have if they communicated a new level of their brand by how they gave.

The saying, “It’s in giving that we receive” has a lot of truth to it.

Many people who are hesitant to give in businesses will make the argument that they are not a nonprofit.

So, why would for profit businesses give? Because it is a part of their culture. It is a part of the belief system of the business and reflects the core values of the business.

I guarantee you that if you look at those businesses who do have a culture of service, you will see that they are operating at a higher level, have more team engagement, and have a better sense of pride and ownership within the brand.

Make it a priority that anyone in a leadership position has to lead by example in demonstrating your culture of service.

I remember working with a team on a big cleanup project. We had a manager come outside, take a picture with us during the project, then walk back inside. They just wanted the recognition of service, but did not actually participate. It was a terrible example of leadership and sent a message to the team that service what not actually important.

It created problems with team members who were on the fence about wanting to volunteer and serve.

A culture of service has to start at the top.

You cannot ask people to do something that they are not seeing their leadership do. When the leadership serves by example, it sends a message that this is something that the brand truly believes in.

Giving brings people together. It is a powerful way to engage your team and work on something together that is bigger than all of you.

We are getting close to the holiday season. This is when most businesses do most of their giving. They will help with the Salvation Army and give to homeless shelters and participate within community service, but what really matters is what you do all year long.

The team members that are just involved in the holiday season, probably do not think outside of themselves and think about how they are serving others the rest of the year. And your business for that matter, is probably not thinking outside of itself the rest of the year as well.

Having a consistent culture of service will help the way in which you serve your clients. It pushes you and those you work with to think outside of themselves and serve your clients well.

Use the rest of this year as a launching pad for building a culture of service. Start to engage your employees and empower them to serve in places they are passionate about.

You will begin to create an atmosphere that will be exciting and unique, and it will start to snowball within your organization. The morale will go up and people will get excited about your brand.

Start to build a consistent culture of service now and engage your team. You will benefit, the people you serve will benefit, your employees will benefit, and your brand will benefit.


David L. Joyner and the Joyner Media & Strategies Team