The Mindset of Gratitude


We just came off of the big Thanksgiving holiday where we all went through the motions of getting together with friends and family and spending time together. With that comes us talking about what we are thankful for. We talk about it around the dinner table, we post what we are thankful for on social media, and we think about it temporarily as we were taught that this is a part of the Thanksgiving tradition.

This tradition got me thinking about how often on a consistent basis do we really focus your mindset on all that you have to be grateful for. Not in a cliche way, not as a simple affirmation just to say it. I am talking about practicing being in a state of gratitude. I am talking about living in a state of gratitude, where you are constantly honing your mindset on all that you are capable of, all that you have at your disposal, and all of the people along the way that have allowed you to be the incredible person that you are today.

How often do you think about how your life would be different if all of what you have was not there? How often does this factor into your mindset? How often do you truly think about all of the amazing people and things in your life that you have to be significantly grateful for?

On a weekly basis, we face things that stress us out, frustrate us, and cause anxiety. We wake up, grab our phones, and so often begin our days in a place of complete anxiety.

Being in a place of gratitude causes you to stop and shift your focus. You remember what is important and focus on what you already do have. Learning to live from a place of gratitude will cause you to come from a place of positivity and strength that will allow you to be more effective.

It is hard to get something great out of a place of lack or a limited mindset. When we are so focused on our fear and anxieties, we allow that negativity to overshadow the abundance in our lives. We need to stop and focus on what we do have and on what we should be grateful for.

Stop and say - I am grateful for the people around me. I am grateful that I am capable. I am grateful that there are resources that I can use to succeed. I am grateful that I can wake up in a country and place that allows me the freedom to live daily without thinking about my survival.

Once a day, write day just one thing that you are grateful for. Send an e-mail or message to yourself every day about one thing that you are thankful for. Don’t try to write a long list. Just focus on one thing. Think about that one thing and sit in that place of gratitude with it.

I guarantee you that you will at the end of the week see a difference in your thinking. You will force your mind to focus on all that it can be and all that it can do because you focus on what you already have.

The quicker you say what you don’t have, the less that you are going to achieve.

Do a self inventory. Ask yourself what you are grateful for. When is the last time you did that? When is the last time you told those people that have shaped you that you are thankful for them?

I challenge you to do this for one week. See how different you feel. See what happens to your mindset. This gratitude to be a lifelong mindset that you work into the seams of your thinking.


It is in giving that you receive. When you give your gratitude to the people around you and to what has gotten you to where you are, you are going to receive something that will allow you to be stronger, more effective, and sharper. You will begin to work from a place of abundance, rather than a place of lack. And, in turn, you will be exponentially more effective.


Be grateful for your life and see how it makes you so much more effective! 


David L. Joyner and the Joyner Media & Strategies Team