Making Yourself Uncomfortable to Become Unconquerable


First of all, thank you so much to everyone for your kind words and excitement for the news that I am now serving as the new Chairman of the board for the Boys and Girls Club of the Tar River Region. I am excited and honored to be given such a huge responsibility to serve the amazing children of our community and sharing the message that the Boys and Girls Club is an incredible organization that is equipping our children to be successful, driven, impactful people for our world.



Now, digging into an important topic this week: Challenging yourself to be uncomfortable so you can become unconquerable.



There is nothing that you will be able to achieve in life without putting yourself into positions that are uncomfortable. In order to grow, you have to put yourself in vulnerable situations. You have to challenge yourself in order to do great things.


We love to help our clients push forward and challenge themselves in order to get to the heights where they want to be standing. This may be us encouraging them to host events, speak in public, network with people, and get out of their comfort zones. We love to help our clients get uncomfortable, because we know that by doing so, they will grow. We have seen and know the powerful results of pushing one’s self and doing things one would not naturally feel inclined to do.


But in order for growth to work, our clients have to be willing to travel on this uncomfortable, challenging journey.


On this journey of achieving your goals, how often are you putting yourself out there to get to where you want to go? How often are you pushing out of your comfort zone in order to feel those growing pains and become greater?


If you are a shy person and you do not like to engage with people, but you have a business that you are trying to grow, at some point you will have to get out and force yourself to be uncomfortable. The more you connect with people, the easier it will become. The more comfortable it will become. The stronger and more confident you will become.


Think about people who are passionate about their fitness. They have to start out by putting their body in stressful situations. In the beginning, their unfit body is uncomfortable. They have to work through the initial pain in order for it to become easier.


If you start a New Year’s resolution this January to start running, but you have not before, your body will have to grow and get stronger before it is fit. Before 3 miles feels comfortable and easy. It is hard and painful in the beginning, but eventually your muscles will get stronger and 3 miles will seem like nothing.


If you want your business to grow to a certain level, you will have to force your mental space to get uncomfortable. You have to fight for what you want. You have to build your brand and business, which means pushing yourself. You have to be on the front line as the biggest champion for your business, which again, means do things that push you.


You will condition yourself to be stronger than you thought you could be and will become such an amazing leader that you will begin to not recognize the person you were before. That is what growth is.


I was sharing with my mom some fears and concerns that I had recently. What she told me was so powerful and will stick with me forever. She looked at me and said, “You can’t fail. You have the strength of two of your brothers inside of you. You can’t fail.”


No, she did not mean that I wasn’t literally ever going to have failures or mistakes. She did not mean that I wouldn’t ever go out of business no matter what. She was saying that as long as I was willing to push myself to be uncomfortable and push the bounds, that I could not fail because nothing would stop me from moving forward.


As long as I was willing to be uncomfortable, I would be unconquerable.


Don’t be afraid to do things that do not seem natural. You have to condition yourself to be sharper and wiser. This is a skill that has to be grown and cultivated.


Ask yourself: Are you comfortable? Are you complacent? Are you coasting through every day? If that’s what you want, then ok. But if you want to be powerful, impractful, a force to be reckoned with, and truly want to be unconquerable, then be willing to put yourselves in situations that are scary and make you nervous. As long as you are willing to keep getting up and learning and fighting forward, you will truly be an unconquerable soul.


Keep hustling hard, love your hustle, and keep fighting forward.