It Was You


Sitting back and reflecting is something that I believe we should often do. At the end of each year, you should especially take a moment to reflect on your actions. By reflect, I mean you should stop and seriously look at the goals you set out with for the year and be honest if you had clear and measurable goals in the first place.

Reflect on the great moments of laughter, joy, love and pride. Also, reflect on the moments that were tough, maybe the times you fell down, screwed up and fell short. Reflect on the dark days, the times where you were in the midst of the storms, and had been knocked to the ground with your face in the dirt. The moments where you were afraid, and think about what you honestly did in the face of that fear. 

It is important that during this moment of deep contemplation, that you regulate your emotions so that you won’t dwell in the past, but rather review it honestly to measure what you actually did and how you actually lived. If you are truly serious about living a triumphant life, if you are intent on dying with a legacy that you are proud of, you have to constantly measure your actions up against your words.

In the end, your actions will matter the most, and nothing else can take the place of that.

The sum total of the consistent work and effort toward being and living the life that you say you believe, and that you dream of, is how you should and must measure the success of this past year, as we head into another.

As I sit and reflect on this incredible, exciting year of building and charting out the new waters that this firm has had, I can proudly say and MUST proudly say, that it was you, yes you who played such a profound part in motivating, teaching and helping support what will one day be one of the largest marketing and business development firms in the world. Joyner Media & Strategies, Inc. started this year out with excitement, ambition and a desire to bring an innovative approach to all those we serve. Not only were we honored to serve some incredible people and businesses, but we also were honored several times by being invited to speak at schools, businesses and non-profit organizations about leadership and intentional service.

There are no words that can fully express our sincere gratitude and appreciation for so many of you seeing the unique value and innovative approach that we work so diligently to bring. We are storytellers and proud dreamers who believe that every human being on this earth has a gift and value that only they bring. Defining that gift, then correctly building it to be effective and valuable, and finally communicating it strategically and passionately, we know and believe is a recipe for extraordinary success. More importantly, though, it allows you and your organization to give value and positively impact the lives of others.

It was you this year that taught us so much and made us better and stronger. It was you through your support, your allowing us to serve your organization, it was you sharing our blogs and content on social media that made this such a great year of building.

From the bottom of our hearts and with everything good and decent in us, we say thank YOU. Thank you for giving us the privilege to live our purpose of serving you.

We have but one life to live, and death will knock at some point soon for us all. As you reflect on this year, don’t waste time making typical resolutions for next year. Instead, choose to live like the warrior that you can be right now. Start right now being the powerful soul that you can be, and that your community and our world so desperately need you to be.
Your story defines you, so hustle hard as hell to make it one that you are proud of. Make it a story, that when it’s told brings a smile to the faces of all who hear it, and lights a fire in their soul to live their life on purpose.

You were great from the day your breathed your first breath, and as long as you breath, then you can be more, you can give more and you have a responsibility to do more. We look forward to sharing this journey with you next year. The future is so bright, because we are committed to making it so.

As always, keep hustling hard, and keep fighting forward.
Thank You!

David L. Joyner and the Joyner Media & Strategies Team 

We will be back with our weekly Joyner TV episode next week!