Loving Your Hustle

Hustling is about thriving. It isn’t about surviving.

That is what separates the hustlers from everyone else. They are the people who do absolutely anything to make something happen. They are the people who love staying up late and getting up early and making what seems impossible, possible.

They are the ones who are always grinding. They are the ones who even in their day job, find a way to perform at another level. They find a way to make sure their skills and energy and efforts are at such a high level, that people have to pay attention.

You need to love the hustler’s mindset. You need to embrace it. You need to protect it. That hustler mentality is what will cause your dreams to come true. I learned the hustler’s mentality first and foremost from my parents.

My dad worked a full-time job for a tree company and every day when he got home, he would change his clothes, have dinner, and have me and my brothers go work all night to make ends meet. He did not complain about it. He did what he had to do.

I grew up seeing that. My whole worldview is shaped on the fact that if you are willing to put your energy toward something, that you can make it happen. How hard my parents worked shaped my worldview that life is short and that you do not wait for permission to make something happen.

The hustler’s mentality is about thriving and embracing that fire inside you. The people around you may not have it, they may not understand it, and they may even try to put that fire out.

There will always be people around you that are living in a place of complacency. They coast through life, so they can’t comprehend why you do the things you do and sacrifice to give so much to your dreams and purpose.

But you have the mindset of a hustler and you will make things happen that everyone else will think is impossible.

Do not allow people to blow that fire out. Embrace it. Not everyone will understand it. Don’t waste time trying to explain to people why you do what you do. Keep moving forward. Keep living in that fire.

The best weeks that I have are the weeks when I am tired from going to a life changing conference and meeting amazing people or driving to another state to make something happen or staying up all night researching and studying when everyone else is asleep. That’s what you have to love and embrace. You have to be ready to be gritty and fight and push.

As long as you love that about yourself, as long as you have the desire to keep that fire going, the way that others are living and people’s lack of understanding of your fight and drive does not matter.

That is the entrepreneur’s heart and mindset. That is the mindset of the people who will deliver for their families. That is the mindset of the people who people will remember for how hard they gave and pushed for greatness. You will be able to make what people think impossible, possible.

Always surround yourself with things and people that will cause that fire to grow. You are a hustler. Be proud of it. Embrace it. As long as you are consistent and know why you do what you do, you will keep pushing forward.

Understand that your life is valuable. You have a purpose for living. Keep that hustler’s mentality. Keep the fight inside you alive.

Complacency and misery loves company. Let them have that company with someone else. Surround yourself with hustlers. Love being in the fire. Love running in the midst of the storm.

When you come out on top of that storm, you will have a lot to smile about and be proud and thankful for. You will be thankful that you did not just coast through life. That you took every opportunity to fight for your dreams and never stopped fighting.

David L. Joyner and the Joyner Media & Strategies Team