Having Unique Value

Do you provide a clear and tangible value that separates you and everyone else from your field? There is a huge difference between someone who has accumulated a lot of knowledge and someone who is able to turn that knowledge into practical value for someone else.

There are a lot of smart people who went to school for a long time and do not know how to turn what they have learned and the knowledge they have gained into a tool or resource that someone can benefit from.

If you cannot turn your knowledge or skill into something that benefits someone practically, then that means that you are not hirable or that your business or product or you yourself does not give actual value to someone.

You need to make sure that you clearly define what your unique value is. Do you know why you should be in your job position vs. everyone else? What do you provide that gives you the right to be where you are? Are you so valuable that if push came to shove your boss would do anything to keep you because you provide something unique that they benefit from that it would make no sense to get rid of you? That is a real question you have to ask yourself.

Nonprofits are a great example of the need for defining unique value. There are so many nonprofits even locally that are doing the same thing and doing it moderately well. That is a problem. What is it that makes one nonprofit different form another? What is it about one nonprofit that makes them so valuable to a community?

In the same token, what is it about your small business that brings unique value to your community apart from everyone else? Just because you open a small business in your community, does not give you the entitlement to be successful. You have to provide value. You have the responsibility to provide something unique and something that the customer wants and then communicate that.

You have to define what you provide. You have to define what it is that you have that is unique and brings value to people. Make sure you know that yourself, strengthen and harness that unique skill and value. Niche down and be an expert when it comes to your unique value.

Ask yourself: If I wasn’t there, would they miss me? If my product was not on the market, would it make people’s lives harder?
Knowledge isn’t everything. You have to be able to harness your knowledge into something useful and valuable to the world.

An executive for the company I used to work for came down and told me before he left from a visit that I have a unique benefit to give people and that people need. He told me that I needed to figure out how to package it and communicate my unique value to people. I've thought about what he told me ever since and about the responsibility I have in growing and communicating my unique value. 

So, what is it that you bring? What is your value? Are you bringing unique value right now? If you intend on being successful, if you truly are the hustler that you say you are, you have to define that, build it, and make it something so strategic and beneficial that people will run to you to have what only you can bring.

David L. Joyner and the Joyner Media & Strategies Team