Live a Life of Boldness


This Monday was the incredibly important day, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Every year we celebrate and honor his courageous sacrifice for our country and for the world.

I felt that it was vital to talk this week in thinking about Dr. King's life about something that I have made a goal to amplify myself this year and that is being bold. 

Dr. King was an incredibly bold leader. It took courage and guts to do what he did. He was not a passive man at all. I think that we do a great disservice to him and to many others who fought and died for what they believed in. He fought for basic human rights and for making our world a more peaceful place. 

It took a certain level of courage and strategy and a bold fight to do what he and so many others have done for us. 

The way that we can honor their lives of sacrifice is by living our lives in a bold and dynamic way. That means stepping out this year and doing things that may frighten us. 

That means not sitting back any more and being silent about the things that matter to you. You are not honoring Dr. King and his sacrifice by sitting at coffee shops and talking about all the things that matter to you and all the things that you should do and not taking action at least once a month to put the things that matter to you into practice. You should step outside of yourself for at least one day and sacrifice your time and energy to give to the greater good. To follow through with your ideals and convictions and show it in action. 

Action and follow through is a hallmark of leadership.

Ask yourself this year - am I going to continue on the sidelines or am I going to go for it? That is what I am asking myself this year. I want to leave it all out on the field. I want to know that I went out there and I was big and bold no matter what. That I knew that it was my responsibility and that I am in debt to those who sacrificed and so I am giving my time and my efforts in a unique and bold way. 

We all benefit from the fruit of the bold leaders and the fruit of their labor. We all benefit from people challenging the conscious of our country and our world. 

So ask yourself - are you living your life in a bold way? Are you making sure that everything you do has a purpose to it? 

They died so that you could live your life in a bold way. They were beaten and died in grotesque ways just so that you could live in dignity and so that our country could live up to what our nation calls itself. 

We all are in debt to those people. We owe it to their memory not to just let it be words or one day we honor them, but to live our lives boldly. 

So challenge yourself to step out there and do that thing you are afraid of doing. Challenge yourself to not just be another one of your friends and coworkers who talk about things, but are not out there making an actual difference.

Respect is earned by what you give and that you fight. We need people to step out in a bold way. Whatever it is that you believe our world is missing, whatever it is that you see that needs to be done, ask yourself how bold you have been to speak up or start giving in a consistent way. 

This is the best way that we can honor the sacrifice of so many that give their lives every day for something greater. Human beings are intertwined with one another. We have a moral responsibly to one another.

Challenge yourself this year to go forward. You succeeding will inspire someone. Someone is depending on you to keep fighting forward. You have to be willing to be bold. You have to be willing to fight.

Above all else, people will remember what you gave. People will remember what you did. I talk to people al the time who I like, who are nice people, but that does not mean I respect them. My respect goes to those who give intentionally. 

You have one life to live. You have to be big, bold, and confident.

You owe it to all of those who paved the way just for you to be able to fight for your dream. 

Remember as the Roman poet Virgil said - Fortune Favors the Bold. 

Keep hustling hard and keep fighting forward.

David L. Joyner and the Joyner Media & Strategies Team