Dealing with Passive Aggressive People

I know a lot of you have dealt with this and I do not feel like there is enough training on this subject. I want to discuss a certain type of individual that can be very dangerous. I want to talk about passive aggressive people.

I guarantee that when you see those words, you can think of particular people in your mind and just shake your head. We all deal with passive aggressive people. It is a dangerous conflict that you face. It can take you out. It can cause you to get off of your game. Because we can all easily get so consumed with dealing with individuals that intentionally work to discredit us and bring us down from what we are trying to do.

The beauty of what passive aggressive people do is that they create an environment where they launch attacks and then act like a victim. They do it in a way that if you approach them, it seems confusing and can make you doubt and become anxious. It is premeditated and dangerous.

You have to know when to engage and when not to engage. They will try to cause you to lose focus and get consumed on them and what they are saying and want. That could be two days or a week that goes by where you stay up at night thinking about what they have said. It can cause great anxiety and pull you away from what you need to be focusing on.

That is what they want to happen. But you have to focus on who you are and where you are going. You have to remind yourself of this and identify people who are trying to knock you off of your game.

You have to be smart enough to put in strategies so that you do not do what they want. Ignoring works and confronting it dead on works. You do not want to be dictated and react exactly how they want you to. You have to respond above that and in a healthy way.

They may want you to become frustrated so that you shut down. Well, when you do that, you are playing into that individual’s hand. You have to be a smart, strategic, mental warrior and not allow what people say to change you.

A month will go by and you have spent the entirety of that month on something petty and stupid rather than focusing on your goal. That means you missed an opportunity somewhere. That means you didn’t give as much as you could have.

If you are dealing with passive aggressive people, it is a sign that you are on the right track. The way you deal with manipulation is that you succeed more, you give more, you fight more.

Do not waste your time on something that does not matter. A lot of people deal with this. A lot of people right now are in the later part of their lives and did not achieve what they wanted to because they let other people knock them off course. Don’t be that person.

You have one life to live. Do not let anyone knock you off your path to success and your goals. Keep hustling hard. Keep fighting forward. Show them just how great you are. 

David L. Joyner and the Joyner Media & Strategies Team