Dust Yourself Off and Try Again


How do you bounce back from falling down or get up from a difficult situation?

Maybe you have made a mistake. Maybe you have dealt with a huge setback. Maybe you have hurt someone or have done the wrong thing.

You have to learn to forgive yourself, correct what you can, and learn from your shortcomings and then truly move on. This matters to your well being and psyche. How we respond vs. how we react to situations determines how far we go in life.

Someone once said that success can be determined in a huge way by how we deal with conflict and with failure.

You have to know that you will make mistakes. Your emotions may sometimes get the best of you. Though you cannot excuse yourself from the consequences of your actions, you have to be able to move forward in a healthy, balanced way.

You may lose friendships, relationships, opportunities, yes. But how you respond to it is huge in shaping the journey to your life.

You have one life to live. In many cases people will remember how you dealt with difficult times and how strong your were.

I still have days when my emotions may get the best of me. I may get depressed sometimes and make mistakes, but I have to respond to my shortcomings in a healthy way in order to live balanced. Finding yourself in lows are a part of life.

That is why you have to surround yourself with positive people and positive things to keep you up and to ground you.

Remember to always forgive yourself and keep moving. Never stop.

You can either stay where you are, go backwards, or keep fighting forward. Those are the three choices you always have. If you keep fighting forward, even if you may lose people along the way, you will be proud of yourself in the end.

This is not to say you are excused from your mistakes, but you have to forgive yourself and not allow yourself to live with a cloud over your head. You are not your mistakes, you overcome them.

David is the individual I am always fighting for. I aim to grow as a person and to keep moving.

Always remember, keep your eyes focused on your goal, keep your heart grounded, and the knowledge of how beautiful life is and how precious each moment is. From the day you opened your eyes, you were great and are meant to be great.

You have one life to live. Make it count. As always, keep hustling hard and keeping fighting forward.

- David Lee Joyner and the Joyner Media & Strategies Team