Dare to Be Disruptive


You have to be ok with being different. You have to be ok with forcing change or bringing something that blows up the status quo. Think about any human being that we admire or respect as the trailblazers who forced the world to see differently and act differently. Those people have one thing in common: they were not afraid of disrupting the status quo.

There is nothing that you or I is going to be able to achieve in a big way if we settle for “just enough.” Don’t let people who have chosen out of fear to live within certain confines and not push the envelope affect how you operate.

If you have value that you believe is going to be of benefit to the world or the marketplace, then go for it. No matter what anyone at the table says. If they don’t want you to be at the table, then flip the table over. Do not let that stop you.

If it wasn’t for people disrupting systems, we would not be where we are today. From Steve Jobs to Martin Luther King Jr., from the business disrupters to the social disruptors, they all had the same belief that there was a different way from how things were being done and that they could help the world get there.

Are you afraid to be disruptive? Are you allowing the status quo forces to push you back? I’ll be honest, I struggle with it. It is not something easy to get over. Most things are set up in a way to allow us to fear. We are taught limitations very early on. The why is because we do not want to upset someone. We do not want to shake the normal way of life up.

But what happens if you do go forward? What happens if you do challenge the status quo? Let that fire in you motivate you. Let those questions push you forward. Don’t be afraid to ask those questions and then push on to answer them.

Most people say that they want to be disruptive, but the true disrupters take the risks that put everything on the line, that go against what society tells them is “right.”

On the other side of fear is that promised land, everything you dream of. Be careful that you don’t allow the people to allow you to believe that you cannot do something big. If you believe in it then dare to disrupt.

Be bold. Be confident. Go forward. Don’t live vicariously through other bold people, be the boldness yourself.

We need people who are not afraid to stand out and be different.

Sometimes, to do the right thing, you have to be willing to disrupt the system.

You can choose to be great or be mediocre, but you cannot be both. No matter what people say you cannot do, we are benefitting from those who chose not to listen to the naysayers and pushed forward to achieve the unthinkable.

Be mindful, take action, and align your beliefs and your passion with what you actually do with your days.

Keep hustling hard, keep fighting forward, and dare to be disruptive.


David L. Joyner and the Joyner Media & Strategies Team