Mastering Communication


Communication is everything.

But... it is usually lacking in every organization.

How many issues in your life boils down to an issue of communication? I would bet many.

The reason that is, is that it is many times accepted that communication will never be fixed. But communication is one of the most vital pieces to any success. Many times going from good to great is just an improvement of communication.

It starts with the leadership. As with everything, the leaders are solely responsible for successful communication within their organization. If a leader hears that communication is weak at their organization, then they go and tell their employees to fix their communication, that is not the solution.

Healthy and successful communication begins with communicating to your team clearly yourself why healthy communication is important. It starts with an understanding of why clear communication is important, which is only realized when you clearly communicate that to your team.

Say your early morning shift had an issue with one of the machines so they stopped using it, but they did not relay it to the next shift that something was wrong with that machine. The next shift begins using it without knowing that it is broken and the product comes out with a problem. You then wasted money on labor and wasted time due to a lack of communication.

There needs to be a clear system in place that outlines when something happens to whom and how you communicate the issue.  Do you tell them? Is it written down? Is it sent in an email? All of these details have to be discussed and outlined. There has to be a process. Communication does not just happen in a streamlined way unless there is a process.

Communication is not something that is taught well. It is something that we have to consciously work on. Misunderstandings happen, small issues become large issues, relationships dissolve most often because of a lack of communication.

Finding a way to communicate will make you a better individual and will give you a competitive edge. Write down your communication strategy. What does communication for yourself look like? Do you e-mail rather than talk out a large issue? What ways do you personally most effectively communicate? Be proactive on how you communicate so that you work clearly and effectively with people.

Me talking to you and it not meaning anything to you is not good communication. I have to also constantly better judge and gauge how my message is being communicated so that it is as effective as possible.

First, take the time to be honest about your lack of communication Then second, make sure you take responsibility as the leader that you are to be held accountable for communication. Then third, constantly practice and improve your communications systems just as you would maintain your car. Pay attention to all the parts and maintain them persistently so that your communication system runs smoothly always.

As always, keep hustling hard and keep fighting forward.

David L. Joyner and the Joyner Media & Strategies Team