Keep Fighting Forward


We use a hashtag #keepfightingforward. This sums up the mindset of the guiding light of what was instilled in me as a child. If you look at anyone who inspired the world, they lived by the premise that life is a battlefield. That every day there will be a battle and there will be obstacles, but to keep fighting and to push through and forward to what is ahead.


You always have to fight forward. I talk to so many people who complain about the difficulties in their jobs and relationships. They talk about all of these things that keep them unhappy. Some people I talk to complain within their resistance of what comes along the road to success: the hatred, criticism, the fake friends, the people that are there to tear them down.


But if you do not embrace the battle of life, if you do not accept it as a part of life, you will fail. You will not achieve your goal. In any war movie, you will notice one thing - when they got bogged down in the midst of a battle, the one thing that they kept doing is fighting forward. They kept their focus forward. You would hear the commanders in the background saying, keep pushing, do not stop.


The reality is that if you stay still you die; if you turn around and go back you will die. Your only solution is forward. You are going to die anyway. Time is not going to stop for you anyway. That goal that you want, that thing that you believe in, you have to be pushing forward through the resistance to fight to get there.


There is a big difference between going backwards, to the left or right, and especially standing still, you have to focus on fighting forward.


So every day when you wake up, when you go to work - think about why you are going to work. Is it just to go through the motions of your job? To get a paycheck? Or is everything that you do setting yourself up for something else?


Not matter what you are focusing on, you have to continue to fight forward. Know that you will get a great deal of resistance. Learn to love the obstacles. Learn to love the thick of the fight.


My best days are when people tell me I can’t do it and I continue to fight forward anyways.


You have got to be a strategic warrior. You have to love it. And if you do not love it, then stop complaining about your life. If you are happy being mediocre, if you are happy not having what you want, then own it. If you want to watch reality tv shows every day and go to work and do the bare minimum, then own it.


But for those of you that want more, for those who want something greater than your current circumstances, then you have to be willing to fight. You have to focus your attention forward. When the bullets and arrows are flying and people try to take you out, you keep fighting forward.


In one of my favorite movies about the rise of Napoleon Bonaparte, there is a battle where Napoleon was commanding the reserves. They put him in this place because they were afraid of how smart he was. Out of ego, the political forces put him in this place to keep him from getting the glory of this battle, because they knew it would turn the tide and his name would be greater than theirs.


In the midst of the battle, he went against what he was told when he saw the army faltering and he looked at his soldiers and he told them, “If I go forward, follow me, If I turn back, shoot me, and if I die avenge me.”  He said this even though he could have been court-martialed or they could all have gotten killed. Those words spoke power and life into his men, and they roared behind him with great force. That victory that he and his men won was one of the battles that became a decisive moment that put him on the rise to becoming emperor.

I say that to say, do not be afraid to fight for it. You are going to die anyways. Die on your feet. Never die on your knees. Keep your focus forward. Don’t give up. Keep hustling hard. Keep fighting forward.

- David L. Joyner and the Joyner Media & Strategies Team