You must be cautious of energy suckers. Of people who consistently try to bring you down. Surrounding yourself with these people do more damage to you and your dreams in the long run than you realize.

As simple as a topic as this may sound, I guarantee that most of you deal with it and deal with it incorrectly.

Think about something that you value that is in your house. Something that you have put a lot of money or effort into. Maybe your engagement ring. Or maybe even your car. You lock it up and you protect it, because you value it.

It is interesting how that same mindset does not apply to how we protect our own selves. We will make vulnerable the most precious thing to us - our hearts and minds and spirits. We allow people to destroy our dreams and keep continuing to do it.

I see people all of the time who are insanely smart, but continue to surround themselves with negative people who do nothing but stop them from progressing and reaching their goals. They surround themselves with the people who will always have something negative to say when they have an idea and will discourage them from moving forward.

Everything meaningful thing that was created from which we benefit, from our cell phones, to our computers, to our vehicles, was created by people who believed in the idea. And at some point, it seemed crazy before the idea came to fruition. It didn’t make sense, it was not the norm, but they continued on despite any negativity that may have come against them. They either did not surround themselves with negative people, or were somehow strong enough to battle it. The latter is a much harder way to become successful.

You have to be careful that you are not surrounding yourselves with people who will pull you down, in order to protect your dreams. The road to success has nothing to do with how book smart you are. It has everything to do with you being able to push forward and consistently do the work to follow your dreams.

You have to be careful that these people who’s soul purpose in life is to take energy from you are not around you. Protect your dreams and be wise in who you share them with.

There are people who come up to me and shake hands with me now, but a year ago were doubting what I was doing and were doing everything in their power to make sure I would not achieve what I was set out to accomplish. The best feeling in the world is when those same people come up to me and start telling everyone around us about how they knew me and always believed in. I am able to say to myself that I pushed past their negativity and got to where I was headed, and they are now able to see that I did not let them get the best of me.

Do not let negativity destroy you.

Some of you right now are living in broken dreams because you have let people destroy your dreams. Go after your dreams, fight for them, and protect them. It may be people that you love as a human being, but if they do not see life as a stage and an opportunity to give the best performance that you have ever given, then they may not be able to fuel you with the positivity that you need to succeed. Protect your dreams. Your dreams are valuable.

Some of you will be a lot further along if you were focused on surrounding yourself with people who refuel your energy. Start now. Weed out the negativity and surround yourself with positivity. You will start moving in the right direction exponentially faster.

As always, keep hustling hard and keep fighting forward!

-David L. Joyner and the Joyner Media & Strategies Team