First of all, we have some exciting news! We are going to host our first ever workshop this fall here in Rocky Mount! We cannot be more excited about this workshop and cannot wait to teach and connect with so many of you! To learn more about the workshop sign up for our newsletter HERE.

We seriously cannot wait. It is going to be incredible. 

Alright, on to an incredibly important topic...

Many people don’t believe me when I tell them this, but it used to be really hard for me and still is sometimes to promote myself - to put myself out there and share with the world what I’ve got to say. I’ve had to work on being comfortable with getting myself out there over many years.

 With social media and the ability to capture ourselves during every moment of our lives, we have a powerful way of getting our message out there and providing value to people. But, this has created a lot of tension with people. People wonder: is self promotion a bad thing? When does it become a bad thing? How do I approach promoting myself without seeming like a salesperson or intruding on other people?

 First of all, self promotion is not a bad thing. Everyone self promotes in one way or another. Whether it is a pastor of a church, someone running for office, or even you at your own job, everyone self promotes in order to prove her value, get noticed to progress in her career, and show people how she can help.

 If you own a business, you better be promoting yourself. You cannot afford, but more importantly, the people you are trying to reach cannot afford for you not to put yourself out there. The distinction between invaluable self promotion and helpful self promotion is focusing on the VALUE you are providing to your audience.

 Again, you have to be focused on the value that you are giving to others.

 When I started thinking about creating a weekly video and newsletter, I struggled with the idea of putting myself, my voice, my face out to the world every week. But people that I talked to helped me realize that if I made sure that every piece of content I put out was for the purpose of helping others and providing value to people’s lives, that it was worth it and it was necessary.

 With everything that you do, do it intentionally. Every piece of content you put out there, ask yourself what value it is providing to your audience. For example, if you are a personal trainer, it makes sense that you would show your audience going to the gym, your gym routines, and how you recover. But that would probably not benefit the audience of a photographer or a graphic designer. Curate the content you are providing by asking yourself how it is benefiting your audience.

 As you begin to promote your message more, always start with your core value and the audience you are targeting. If you start here, you will not have to worry about whether or not your self promotion is benefiting only you.

 Make you audience the hero in all of you content and you will be invaluable. This important to grasp.

 One of the best pieces of advice I have received recently is that if you are providing value to someone, but you do not document it, then no one will know to come to you for themselves. People will be missing out on what you can do for them if you do not document what you are doing now and put it out to the world.

If you are in public relations, and you have put together a huge event for a client and have brought a bunch of people together to celebrate a new product or service, then document the success of your client. Document the fun, the connections, all the value of the event. Share it on social media, right a case study about it, share about how well your clients are doing.

 People will then be able to put themselves in your client's shoes and see how you can help them.

 Work hard to share what you are doing to better people’s lives. Not just for yourself, but for others so that you can provide value to even more people.

 Write out the value that you provide to people. Make a plan on how you are going to share the value that you provide, whether that be through case studies, a weekly newsletter, a weekly video. Whatever means of communication, start sharing your value consistently.

 Remember, self promotion is not bad. It helps others find you and the value you are giving to the world.


As always, keep hustling hard and keep fighting forward.

David L. Joyner and the Joyner Media & Strategies Team