Why is it so important to think from the end? To focus on the long game and on your end goals first and foremost?

By thinking from the end - from your ultimate goals down the road, every decision that you make now will align with your future goals. You will make decisions that do not just satisfy your present desires, but that will get you to your ultimate goals. By focusing on the end, you will make wiser and more strategic decisions now.

Many people think that they do think of their end goals consistently. But, I would argue that most people do not. I would say that many people can more easily see the short term game and do not work from the perspective of a future mind. It can be a lot easier to make decisions for the present, but it will be more rewarding to make decision that give you a better tomorrow.

Is the account that will make you money now going to get you to where you want to be in 5 years? Maybe it will give you quick cash, but maybe the long term effects of that client will not benefit your future. Do not automatically say yes to people and things that seems beneficial in the present. Evaluate the effect it will have on you down the road.

When I left one of my jobs and had to make the decision of where I was going to go next, I had a choice between my job at the hotel and another opportunity. In the end, I decided to work with the hotel although the other job would have given me more money upfront. I pursued working in the hotel because it aligned with my long term goals. Not that I wanted to work at the hotel for the rest of my life or become the general manager, but I knew that it would give me skill sets that I needed for the future and would put me in front of people that would help me with my long term goals.

I had to sacrifice the short term game for what was more beneficial for me for my long term goal. You need to make sure that you are setting yourself up for the kind of success that you want for yourself, not just you trying to go after a really good pay check. That is a never ending race that will not get you to your own desire for success. Only thinking from the end will get you there.     

There are a lot of unhappy people who made short term game decisions and got stuck in a place that led them away from their goals. Don’t let that be you 10 years from now.

A lot of people refer to younger people as not knowing what they are doing. And that there is no reasoning in their actions. That their heads are in the clouds. But society encourages young people to just go out and try a lot of things and make mistakes. But the more that young people can figure out how to make mistakes with strategy and start as soon as possible to intentionally move toward something, the more likely they will reach those future goals.

So many of us spend so much time taking care of the things in our lives. We lock our homes, we lock our cars, we clean and maintain our valuables because we value them. You need to start valuing the future of your life the same way. Start taking daily actions that protect your long term goals.

To start this, you need to write out your goals. You are statistically way more likely to achieve your goals if you write them out. Make them visible, remind yourself of your end game every day and align your daily actions with reaching your goals. Think about your values, the kind of life that you want to live, the goals that you want to reach and live out. Write those down and take action to get there.


True success is a long game. You got this!


- David L. Joyner and the Joyner Media & Strategies Team