Hello Hustlers!

 This year I have been talking a lot to you about the importance of developing the right mindsets and the right mental strengths and confidently taking strategic action towards achieving your goals, living your passions and making a measurable impact in your communities. These conversations are important because your mental strength and inner resolve to succeed and fight forward will be the determining factor on the legacy of your name in the end. A key importance towards actually crushing your goals, and leaving a legacy of measurable impact is for you to strategically and decisively be making the right investments for your personal and business growth.

There is something that I often tell people when I am giving presentations or a keynote address -  Olympic athletes have Olympic coaches and trainers. In other words if you want to compete at high levels, and if you want to achieve at levels that are above the averages that most people cowardly commit to being, you are going to have to make the investments at above average levels to get there.

Whether a small business or an individual looking to progress in their career, you have to be willing to make the investments into your success that most won’t begin to do. You can’t reasonably believe that you can get to being recognized as a leader at the top of your game, when you don’t make the intentional and strategic investments to get there. And yes, this will be a sacrifice but that is the requirement to succeed at high levels. There is no away around it, so accept it and stop right now making all the mental excuses on why you can’t do what others do.

Obviously a small business department store can’t make the marketing buys that say Walmart can, but they can make the sacrifices to set aside money to invest in marketing, social media advertising,etc. consistently. Understand – making the proper investments into your organization, business and your personal development is not something for you to put off, because everyday people are doing it and they will ultimately take you out. This is not a question of money, or talent; it’s a question of mentality and priorities.

I’ll share some practical examples of what I mean. This firm is a member of the Rocky Mount, Wilson and Raleigh Chambers of Commerce, and we are also members of the Association Executives of NC. Yes there is a cost associated with all of the times, and the biggest cost of all these is our most valuable resource, which is time. We are members of these organizations because they are investments into our business growth. We make the time to go to events, attend conferences, and intentionally network because that is the wise thing to do if you want to grow. The first thing so many small business owners tell me about why they are not marketing is because of the money and the time.

I’m going to very blunt. That is utterly ridiculous and foolish. How the hell is your business going to grow if you don’t make those investments?! Don’t put your family member with no social media experience in charge of your company’s social media. Find someone or a firm with knowledge and skill set and make that investment into the future of your business! You can’t have it both ways. Attend a professional development conference, send that one potential client a nice and thoughtful gift. Join Chambers and then set aside a schedule to take time to go and build the networks, invest in boosting a social media ad, and sacrifice going to that money you were going to spend to go the beach every weekend. Hire a firm to help you define and aggressively market your message.

These are the strategic investments you make to grow your business. Growth comes from action and relentlessly doing and trying new things. Remember, the market doesn’t care how you feel, the consumer doesn’t care about your excuses, and your community’s needs and challenges won’t change around your feelings and schedule.

You have to do what most won’t do to succeed; you have to fight harder than most everyone will to know the joys and victories that most will never know. Stop thinking about it, brainstorming about it, and just go ahead and make the strategic investments needed to succeed. Remember, the longer you wait the more costly it will be, and you will die one day, and that should be all the inspiration you need.

As always, Keep hustling hard and keep fighting forward!

- David L. Joyner and the Joyner Media & Strategies Team