Hello Hustlers!

There is one very important aspect of living a successful and intentional life that has been constantly proven throughout history. It’s been echoed through the writings and great speeches by the leaders who fought for the just rights of humankind, and by those who made the great innovative achievements, of which we all are the beneficiaries.

This vital component is sacrifice.

Napoleon Hill echoed the sentiment of sacrifice in these words: “Great achievement is usually born of great sacrifice, and is never the result of selfishness.”  Your fight to crush your goals and live the dreams you obsess about, will not and cannot be achieved without you consistently and willingly making the required sacrifices necessary to do so. This ridiculous idea that success can be achieved on a schedule that’s convenient for you, makes no sense and speaks to the common mindset of the willingly weak, willfully ignorant and the disgustingly entitled. Making the sacrifices that most won’t make is what will set you apart and is the mindset of those who truly are hustlers. There are no shortcuts to living an intentional and extraordinary life. This is not a matter of money, your background, or where you live; it’s a matter of intentional thinking and will.

We all have the same 24 hours in a day; that is a fact. What we choose to do or not do with that time is up to us. Please understand this, saying there is not enough time is not an acceptable excuse, and it’s the lie that people use to give themselves an out. You want to impact you community? You want your business to be a better corporate citizen? Then you must manage your time better, and sacrifice the leisure time to go and serve intentionally.

When I talk to small business owners and even large organizations, I always hear the same old song about why they don’t market enough or serve in their community, and it’s because they don’t have time because they are too busy. Work, kids, hanging out, etc... The same exact time they are singing this pathetic song, they are complaining about the reality that no one knows about their business, and how people are not giving to their organization and how special they are and that people should support them. You have to earn success. You must fight for people’s attention, and you must put in the constant work. You must make the investments when it’s hard to do. You must tighten your leisure spending and reinvest that money into research and development, sponsoring community events to get your name out, and working around the clock to constantly be building. Being busy is not an excuse. You cannot grow without consistently making the necessary sacrifices.

Understand – Making sacrifices is not easy. It’s not always fun, but sacrifice is vital for success. We mention it so casually on holidays and when we’re honoring people and professions where many have made the ultimate sacrifice for a cause and responsibility bigger than themselves. Yet, that is exactly why we remember them, because they seized a glory most will ever know, because they were willing to pay the costs and give it all for an idea, for a goal and for the rights of humankind. You don’t get a participation trophy for living. You don’t get a pat on back for doing the normal things that are required to succeed. If you want to grow, if you want to truly have your life and your work impact the lives of others in a positive, powerful and measurable way, then you must be willing to give up to go up.

How much are you willing to sacrifice? You must be willingly to put up or shut up. Take a moment and reflect on what sacrifices you are willing to make and should make. You get one life to live, and death is coming. Give it all for your dreams, for your goals and for the people you love. Boldly run towards the storm and embrace the sacrifices now for what lies ahead!

Keep hustling hard and keep fighting forward.

- David L. Joyner and the Joyner Media & Strategies Team