A lot of people in the last few months from different meetings or different speaking engagements I have had, have asked me what the most important thing is in becoming an entrepreneur. Something I have noticed from when I worked in hotel management, to sales and marketing, and in entrepreneurship is the importance of consistency.

When we talk to someone about marketing, someone may have spent a ton of money and energy in one month, but has not laid out a long term, consistent strategy where they are showing up every day on their platform. You do not go to a restaurant because you don’t know what kind of food will be there every day. You go because you know what to expect. You know you love their product and their experience. That trust and expectancy comes with consistency. 

You have to be consistently telling your story and putting yourself out there in order for people to trust you, engage with you, and notice you.

For example, many of the boards I serve on, we talk about how you brand communities. So in the country right now, people are migrating quickly to urban centers. A lot of the population is losing a lot of money because of this. When you are talking about telling the story of a community, many have not consistently defined and told a clear story enough for people to pay attention. 

The idea that you can focus on one thing one month and try something new another month is not a strong strategy. You need consistency in your story and you need to be telling it every month, every week, every day.

What are you consistently working on right now? What are you consistently throwing your time and effort into? What are you chipping away at a little bit at a time that people will begin to notice? 

If you are doing something amazing right now and not sharing the story, how will people know about it?

You may get a lot of response one week and none another week, but in the long-term, people will start noticing if you don’t stop. If you keep showing up.

Intellect is a matter of intensity not extensity. It is the intense nature of how you deploy your efforts that will ultimately position you in a way that will make you stronger and more successful.

That is how you market yourself, your business, your nonprofit, your community, that is how you get better at a skill.

Consistency tells people they can trust you. That you have stability. Would you want to follow a leader that feels one way one day and another way another day? No. You want someone consistent.

Focus on being consistent. It matters. It says something powerful about who you are.

Keep hustling hard and keep fighting forward.


- David L. Joyner and the Joyner Media & Strategies Team